Sunday, March 31, 2013

Less for Dot Net -


Just hit an interesting utility, LESS Compiler for .net (
So you can leverage the power of less (Dynamic CSS) in your .net web applications


Just add the following to the Web.config
<add type="dotless.Core.LessCssHttpHandler,dotless.Core" validate="false" path="*.LESS" verb="*" />
<section name="dotless" type="dotless.Core.configuration.DotlessConfigurationSectionHandler,dotless.Core" />
So, now you added a handler for .less files
Then configure it
<dotless minifyCss="false"
 cache="true" />   

*You can also use it from the code
Less.Parse("div { width: 1 + 1 }");
which will produce 
div {
  width: 2;

More Here

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why to use Sharepoint - Sharepoint Features Advantages and Disadvantages


Actually this is just personal opinion about sharepoint, and I'll update it periodically with any new discoveries

I started to use sharepoint some months ago ..
So Not all things mentioned here are professional opinion, So feel free to discuss with me your opinions .

Sharepoint Advantages

  • Extreme Integration with other Microsoft products, like Lync, Outlook and Office suite etc.
    So you can integrate sharepoint site easily with outlook in minutes and login with windows accounts, using active directory of course .
    We can discuss integration capabilities later, if you want ...
  • Very useful for intranets due to its massive integration capabilities 
  • Many out of the box features like polls, discussions etc.

Sharepoint Disadvantages 

  • Very Heavy (Not very good in performance)
  • Requires Massive Hardware architecture (Server Farm)
  • Doesn't play well with all browsers, but it's improving with new versions

Share you ideas and opinions with me ...

Monday, March 25, 2013


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